• Unlike any other cat fountain.  Goodbye to filters.  Goodbye to refilling.  Goodbye to pumps.  Goodbye to nasty, stale, recirculating water.  The revolutionary AquaPurr provides your cat with fresh water straight from the faucet.

  • Cat triggered.  When your cat steps close to the AquaPurr, they activate the AquaPurr's motion sensor that triggers water flow from the AquaPurr spigot.

  • No recirculating water. Your cat drinks from the AquaPurr spigot, and the water they don't drink flows down the drain.

  • Automatically shuts off.  When your cat steps away, the AquaPurr automatically shuts off in a few seconds.

  • You still have full use of your sink.  Because the AquaPurr connects to your faucet with a diverter valve, you still have full use of your sink when you want it.

Always Fresh Water

The AquaPurr eC connects to your faucet for fresh water every time.

Cat Triggered

Your cat triggers the flow anytime they want.

Never Clean or Refill

You never clean or refill the AquaPurr eC.

Yes, you can install your AquaPurr in less than a minute!

How to install your AquaPurr, at a leisurely pace...

Optional installation using a water supply tee valve

An AquaPurr installed on a bathtub