AquaGrr Alpha
AquaGrr AlphaAquaGrr Alpha

The AquaGrr is new!  It is an automatic outdoor waterer for your dog, or any other critter.

This is an alpha release of the product.  I only have 20 available in this release.  It is based on the time-proven components of the AquaPurr cat water fountain.

The AquaGrr is battery powered.  You can expect 3-4 months minimum out of the batteries, maybe even a year as some AquaPurr customers are reporting.

Free Shipping in the US

Made in the USA

Get $40 back on your purchase

Send me videos of your dog, cat, ostrich, or anything else using the AquaGrr and I'll refund you $40.

Offer limited to this 20 unit Alpha release.

Always Fresh Water

The AquaGrr connects to your garden hose for fresh water every time

Dog Triggered

Your dog triggers the flow anytime they want

Never Clean or Refill

You never clean or refill the AquaGrr