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AquaPurr 4

Now smaller and battery powered or corded!

The AquaPurr 4 is just 3.5" in diameter and 4" tall.

The batteries will easily last 4 months or more.

Only one fountain delivers fresh water every time

All other fountains swirl the same water around, mixing it with cat saliva to grow slime.

Only the AquaPurr can deliver truly fresh water every time your cat triggers the sensor.



Stainless Steel


It doesn't matter what your fountain is made of.
It still grows slime.

All recirculating fountains grow slime, regardless of the material they are made of.

The AquaPurr does not recirculate dirty water.
The AquaPurr delivers fresh water from the faucet.

The only 

cat water fountain

you never clean

The AquaPurr never needs cleaning because it does not recirculate water and instead the AquaPurr flows fresh water from the faucet.

You never clean or refill the AquaPurr.  

Your cat always drinks cool, fresh water.

You hate:

Cleaning your fountain!

Your cat hates:

Slimy water!

The AquaPurr fresh water from the faucet

The AquaPurr

...doesn't recirculate slime

All cat water fountains are the same, except one

There is only one fountain
that is truly different.

There is only one fountain
that delivers fresh water, every time.

There is only one fountain
that never needs cleaning

The AquaPurr delivers truly fresh water from your faucet every time your cat triggers the flow.

Recirculating fountains grow slime

From the first moment your cat drinks from a recirculating fountain, that fountain is growing slime.

The cat's saliva mixes with the water and grows slime.

Always Fresh Water

The AquaPurr connects to your faucet for fresh water every time

Cat Triggered

Your cat triggers the flow anytime they want

Never Clean or Refill

You never clean or refill the AquaPurr