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AquaPurr 4 Refurbished

Now smaller and battery powered or corded!

  • Warranty

    2-Year warranty policy

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From the first moment your cat drinks from a recirculating fountain, that fountain is growing slime. All cat water fountains are the same, except one...

The AquaPurr NEVER needs cleaning because it does not recirculate water and instead the AquaPurr flows fresh water from the faucet.

You NEVER clean or refill the AquaPurr. Your cat always drinks cool, FRESH water.

Power Options

Battery Power
Batteries should last 3-4 months
Corded Power
US 110V

Adapter Options

Diverter Valve
Connect this to your faucet
Plumbing Tee Valve
Connect this to your water line under your sink or at your toilet
Garden Hose Connector