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AquaPurr Decorator: Cache Pot - Brown

The AquaPurr gets dressed up!

The AquaPurr Decorator starts with a decorator base unit that contains the electronics, and adds the black cache pot as a sleeve.

The AquaPurr Decorator never needs cleaning because it does not recirculate water and instead the AquaPurr flows fresh water from the faucet.

You never clean or refill the AquaPurr.  There are no filters to buy either.

Your cat never drinks warm, stale, dirty water.

The Decorator series also features the flow control valve to adjust output from the spigot.

  • Warranty

    2-Year warranty policy

  • Description
  • Add Your Own Flowers


  • Always Fresh Water

The AquaPurr Decorator connects to your faucet for fresh water every time
  • Cat Triggered

Your cat triggers the flow anytime they want

  • Never Clean or Refill

You never clean or refill the AquaPurr Decorator

Add Your Own Flowers

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