Recirculating fountains all have the same problems



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All recirculating fountains have the same problem:  They recirculate the same water, over and over.  The same stale water.  And cats know it.  That's why cats still want you to turn on your faucet.  They want fresh water.

Water flowing in nature is fresh because it is constantly being replenished.  But recirculating the same water in a fountain is just moving stale water.


All recirculating fountains need filters.  Not because the water you pour into the fountain is dirty, but because the fountain makes it dirty.  Cat saliva mixes with the water and grows slime.  

Replacement Filters








Recirculating fountains have to be refilled.    Everyday you need to remember to refill your recirculating fountain, or be reminded by the loud noise of the pump failing because the fountain has run dry.


All recirculating fountains need regular cleaning.  Even a bowl of water will form a slime in a single day. Imagine the slime buildup in a recirculating fountain in a week!  Cleaning a recirculating fountain means picking the whole thing up off the ground, carrying it to a sink, dumping it out and disassembling the whole thing to begin the cleaning process.  Not a pleasant task. 

And what about the slime on the inside of the water pump?  If you don't clean that then the fresh water you refill your recirculating fountain with is immediately fouled.




Slime buildup



Runs 24/7

Recirculating fountains have water pumps that have to run 24 hours a day.  They are noisy, especially when the fountain runs dry.  They fail and have to be replaced.  And they very special effort to clean the slime out of them.


All recirculating fountains grow slime, no matter what material they are made of.  You eventually need to clean any recirculating fountain.



Stainless Steel







Most recirculating fountains force your cat to drink room temperature water.  While a few fountains offer a mechanism to cool the recirculated water, this is an expensive and complex add-on.

All recirculating fountains have a reservoir of water that the cat can either spill or splash the water out of.  




Why the AquaPurr is better than recirculating fountains

AquaPurr eC

Never needs cleaning

Because the AquaPurr eC does not recirculate a reservoir of water, the water never gets dirty.

Always clean

Because the AquaPurr eC does not use a pump there is nothing to foul the water.

Never refill

The AquaPurr eC never needs to be refilled because the water comes straight from your faucet.


The AquaPurr eC is silent because it doesn't use a pump to move the water. Instead it uses the water pressure from your faucet.


The AquaPurr eC is just 5" across.

Cool water

The AquaPurr delivers cool water straight from the tap.

Recirculating fountains

Requires cleaning

The cat saliva mixes with the water and forms slime in the reservoir of water requiring regular cleaning.

Always dirty

The inside of the pump gets slimy which immediately fouls the refilled water.

Always refilling

Recirculating fountains need to be refilled often, usually daily.


Recirculating fountains use a noisy pump to generate the flow of water.  And they get even louder when the unit runs out of water!


Because recirculating fountains need to have a reservoir of water many are very large.  

Room temperature water

The water in recirculating fountains is always at room temperature.  

The best fountain does not recirculate water

  • The AquaPurr is a cat drinking fountain that sits next to your sink and connects to your faucet using a diverter valve - your faucet supplies water to the AquaPurr.

  • When your cat steps close to the AquaPurr, they activate the AquaPurr's motion sensor that triggers water flow from the AquaPurr spigot.

  • Your cat drinks from the AquaPurr spigot, and the water they don't drink flows down the drain.

  • When your cat steps away, the AquaPurr automatically shuts off in a few seconds.

  • Because the AquaPurr connects to your faucet with a diverter valve, you still have full use of your sink when you want it.

Always Fresh Water

The AquaPurr eC connects to your faucet for fresh water every time.

Cat Triggered

Your cat triggers the flow anytime they want.

Never Clean or Refill

You never clean or refill the AquaPurr eC.

AquaPurr cat water fountain
Stuffy the cat posing next to the AquaPurr installed at a bathroom sink

* Recirculating Fountains

Who makes recirculating fountains?  EVERYONE!  All other fountains are recirculating.  They pump the same water over and over.

Here is a list of recirculating fountains:

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